Upper Limb Management

Brain, spinal and other neurological disorders can lead to a wide range of upper limb impairments. These impairments can significantly impact a person’s quality of life and how they choose to participate in it. Impairments may include weakness, paralysis, sensory deprivation, learned non-use and spasticity, all of which can lead to reduced function and independence.

Upper Limb Management

Well Way Rehab Solutions are here to provide evidence based multi-disciplinary team assessment and intervention to best manage the persons upper limb.  Using the latest technology and innovative approaches to enhance recovery and reduce the devastating consequences of upper limb impairments.


Botulinum Toxin Therapy

Botulinum toxin type A (BoNT-A) is a safe and effective treatment for upper and lower limb spasticity, resulting in both passive and active functional gains(RCP).  BoNT-A is licensed in the UK for treatment of focal spasticity in the arm and leg.

Common goal areas for intervention of BoNT-A include:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduction of involuntary movements (associated reactions, spasms)
  • Prevention of contractures and deformity
  • Passive function (making it easier to care for the affected limb)
  • Active function (using the affected limb)
  • Mobility

Well Way Rehab Solutions integrate ultrasound guided toxin therapy as part of a comprehensive upper limb management plan including splinting, serial casting, and hands-on rehabilitation.



Splints are often used alongside other treatments such as BoNT-A and manual therapy. Well Way Rehab Solutions have the facilities to assess and fabricate individual bespoke splints that best meet the needs of the person’s upper limb management plan and life participation.


The upper limb management services at Well Way Rehab Solutions are a one stop shop for all upper limb management and rehabilitation needs, helping individuals enhance their recovery and quality of life.

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Alternate Services

“I suffered a stroke causing loss of control of my left arm, hand and leg. I was in hospital for a little over 6 weeks, followed by 6 weeks of support from the NHS at home. where upon all support stopped, and whilst I could cope with everyday life it was not easy. Then I heard of Well Way Rehab solutions. I contacted them and arranged an assessment, which proved to be very comprehensive, my goals were discussed, and a plan formulated. Having followed their guidance and treatment I have made excellent progress achieving things I never thought possible again, such as, playing table tennis, swimming and incredibly riding my bicycle. I am almost doing the things I valued before the stroke. I attribute this to the friendly approach and guidance from the knowledgeable team.”

- Stroke Survivor

“Before my injury I worked with motor vehicles and loved my job. Unfortunately, my accident left me with physical and cognitive problems meaning I cannot currently work. My Occupational Therapist made me a rehabilitation programme which has led me to start working with cars and car parts again. I used to be worried about my future, thinking I would not be able to do the things I enjoyed before. However, thank you to the help of my therapist from Well Way Rehab Solutions I am actually looking forward to it now”

- Brain Injury Survivor

“I have worked with the team at Well Way Rehab Solutions on a number of cases over several years now and have always found their way of working dynamic, creative and stand out whilst maintaining high levels of professionalism. It is their unique ability to form a positive therapeutic bond with clients that really sets them apart from the rest. They have managed to engage some of my most challenging clients, this has enabled them to achieve goals I would not have anticipated them achieving or even attempting. Thinking outside of the box is what they do best, thank you on behalf of myself and my clients”

- Case Manager

“My husband’s multiple strokes completely changed our lives (mine and my children’s), I now realise how much he did for us as a father and a husband. I have had to learn new skills to take on some of the jobs he used to do. The specialist Occupational Therapist from Well Way Rehab Solutions discusses issues we come up against daily and then helps to find solutions. Her input has given my husband the confidence to find new ways of tackling obstacles which at first seemed very daunting for him. I cannot thank them enough for their help and guidance for both my husband and myself.”

- Wife of a Stroke Survivor

“My life had been turned upside down after my brain injury, a once self-sufficient person, I was now having to depend solely on my family for simple tasks. I am delighted with the treatment and service I have received over the last month from the Well Way Rehab Solutions Occupational Therapy team. My confidence has grown immensely along with my ability to focus on daily activities such as shopping and day to day tasks within the home and garden. A huge thanks to all involved.”

- Brain Injury Survivor

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